YES let’s normalize self care

if you know me, you know u spend a lot of time in my car…. in my front yard! It started a little over 2 years ago. My car became a safe place for me back in May 2019. When I was scared to sleep in my house, I’d go sleep in my car. At least then if I needed to escape all I had to do was start the car and go!

after those events of learning safety in my car, I started doing my therapy in my car. It wasn’t because I needed to feel safe at 330 in the afternoon but because it was a safe place! it was a place I could roll up my windows and just forget everything around me and really focus on me!

when covid first started I’d been going to therapy roughly 6 months I was struggling with it hard! I’ve never been the type to obviousness up about much. I shared lil bits of my life but kept everyone at arms distance! Her office became a safe place for me, them covid hit! I lost that! We couldn’t do face to face work, but I wasn’t willing to give up on the work we started!

with as hard as it was for me to start therapy, all be dammed of I was going to quit now! So we started going back at it but in my car on the phone!

the last 1.5 years has really opened my eyes, therapy was such a blessing. Although it took a horrible event to bring me to it, it also has helped mold me into who I am!

I’ll forever be thankful for the SACIS office in Charleston, Illinois! My therapist is an amazing lady who has helped me every step of the way without judgements! She just listens, helps guide and has helped me to recreate a me I don’t have to settle with! She’s encouraged me completely with everything I’ve done to come from where I am!

give me my car and therapist and music and I’m ready to take on the world! Self care comes in so many different ways, don’t knock it till you try it… it may change your life, it’s changed mine!

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