Grow past Small town rumors

Ya know, let’s talk about gossip! Gotta get the juicy information, gotta see what pieces of the puzzle you can contribute to, gotta be apart of everyone’s conversations!

wanna know why? It’s because so many people have so many insecurities that they feed on other Peoples, so they don’t have to face their own demons!

I use to be that human! Cuz if I was talking about everyone else, no one had time to look at my screwed up life or being it to attention! WRONG! You reep what you sow!

when I started working on me more, and stopped trying to fix everyone else around me i realized I didn’t even care to know the drama going on. In fact, for the most part I had stopped really socializing with very many humans at all! When I say I cut my circle in 7/8ths I sure did!

I no longer found pleasure in other people’s misery, and I try my best <I’m far from perfect> to stop and think before I speak, I try really hard to learn to only really keep a handful of humans that I daily/ weekly associate with! I learned if I kept my circle small and I concentrated only on us I’m so much happier! So much less drama! Less feeling overwhelming over things that I shouldn’t even be concerned with!

I had to learn it was better to ask less questions, and just enjoy the peace and quiet!

The Opposite of this is: Being The Gossip! I also had to learn how to handle when someone talks about me! It use to really bother me what every one thought about me! I needed approval, I needed to fit in, I needed to be loved and my reputation was everything to me! I set my self up for failure as soon as I gave myself 4 needs/ wants!

the hardest lesson was “It does not matter what anyone else thinks they know about you” that right there! Who cares, so you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, that’s perfectly okay! You live this life for you, not for the world and watch the people doing the same, match your energy!

if you don’t like me, great! Oh someone said something about, good I don’t need to know! I no longer feel like I need to explain any of my actions to anyone unless it personally involves them! I have no need for petty fake humans and eliminating humans doesn’t phase me a bit! I promised myself 2021 was going to be mine to live for me, I don’t need anyone’s approval 💯 💛

Best way to stop the gossip, own everything! Hold back nothing and busy love your life for you!

Signing off, LaceySue

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