Just Let It Be

This statement speaks volumes to me! You see, im not a lady of uncertainty, or patience! Normally those 2 things destroy me pretty quickly! I’ve never just “Let it be” on Anything! I’m normally the type that needs to know who what when where and why all the time! I straight up blame my teachers on grade school for that haha gotta get to the plot right? 😅!

Then there’s this new beginning! The one I never saw coming! The one that’s literally been everything I could ever have hoped for a more!

This man ya’ll, damn he gets me! He really does! We’re so much a like yet different as well and I absolutely adore it!

He wasn’t supose to happen, he was suppose to just be a ” Rebound” of sorts but this man gets me on the inside and the out! We have real conversations on person, on the phone, and in text! I love that he always reassures me that, im more than enough! He’s not afraid to ask the hard questions and he’s not afraid to have the hard conversations because let’s be honest…. our world right now is completely uncertain but I feel no pressure that everything won’t be just the way it should!

If nothing else, this man shows me my worth, his appreciation and his kindness all day every day! I think regardless we will be in each other’s life’s forever whether it continues to blossom into more or if we just grow an amazing friendship. For once I think I’m okay with either!

We met on Friday at 815pm and have literally been apart max of 16 hours, it’ll be 24 hours by the time he gets back to my house tonight! Yep, you read that he’s coming back again tonight! This time he left his bag 🎒! He was getting it ready this morning and he goes “I’m not sure why I’m even taking this with me because I know I just want to come back to be with you” so I told him he could keep it here and he said “I think I’ll do just that if you don’t mind”

The inside of me are screaming 😱 yayyyyyy but I just smiled and said no, I think I’d like that!

I love that the first thing he does when he sees me is kiss me and hug me as tight as he can and I love that he does the same thing every time he has to leave as well! No matter what we are doing im 100 honest, open, and ME and I truly believe he is as well! This is big for me! Normally I hide me, im scared of abandonment and I’m terrified to “Screw it all up” with this, I just throw my full self in and don’t stress any of it. This man already knows more about my past, present and wants to watch me grow more than most humans could ever know! He takes the time to learn, if something pops up exorcism an old memory or trigger, he listens when I need to talk! He cares about the old me and “Enjoys watching a Butterfly finally use her wings” is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard!

4 days in and I can’t wait to see what’s to come! For once ima leave this on TOP BE CONTINUED because the story is far from done just yet, it’s only the beginning!

Signing Off

LaceySue 💛

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