76 unread text messages 🤣 the struggle is real

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA this week but I’ve been swamped and enjoying something new and exciting and spending time with loved ones when normally I’d be blogging!

Ya’ll moms and dads can relate to this I’m sure! How do you all stay balanced, where does it stop? Legit between running a full-time business, working a PT job, sports, kids on the daily, kids in sports, and don’t even get me started on doctor Apts! It’s so much! How do you level yourself out!

One thing I did this week was step away from social media more than normal. I put my phone down way more than normal! I stepped up and decided hey its okay to not respond right away! For so long I’ve felt obligated to respond back to humans instantly and this week I did just me. I made less phone calls and talked to less humans because I raised those that were in my house and present in my life deserved my attention over this Galaxy Phone. Not that I don’t love all those I talk to, but I have my full in being present in my life without a phone attached to my hip. During the day I would reasons, anwser and talk as I could but during the evenings most the time my phone was put away.

We stepped up the game at my house this week, we did dinners together, made nightly rituals of reading bed time stories, we didn’t watch much TV instead we talked! It was so nice. I didn’t realize how much time I devoted to this dumb phone over human contact. But that wake up call has been good for me! I took down time to think, too talk, to get away. It was beautiful ya’ll!

With today’s society is so hard to stay in touch, our lives are so freaking busy. I look at my phone right now and I have 76 unread messages, ya’ll don’t even want to know how many emails 🤣🤣🤣 <p.s. I hate email> today is gonna be a family day and I don’t care if I respond to one message! It’s my day! From this point on If it’s an emergency, people will call me if it’s not then I’m going to allow myself to reasons to humans when I need and want to! I use to constantly tell my kids, ” her I gotta take this, hey hold on I’m sending a message, her I’m on the phone” I don’t want to be that person anymore. I want to live in the moment, not in a device! Life’s stressful and sometimes if we just stay breaking small habits you’d be shocked how many big habits in your life changes. Obviously my blog isant going anywhere but as for the constant non stop text…. there’s a light at the end of the tunnel of “I don’t owe my time to anyone but me and my little family”

This week has showed me that it’s okay to step back from all the stress, not overreact and just breathe and enjoy life. This week has been the best week in a VERY LONG TIME! This week I learned that time is valuable and you don’t always have a bunch so enjoy what you can, when you can! This week has really opened my eyes on slowing down mentally, and trying physically.

Stop feeling obligated to be super man or woman. So feeling obligated to respond to others. Stop feeling like you owe everyone an explanation. You only have to justify you. If others don’t like it, they will find their seats at someone else’s table. It’s okay to not feel the need to tell someone I’m busy, im sorry, im trying. These are all things I have done and still do, we all need to stop and realize people and our friends know we’re busy. It’s amazing people care but it’s also okay to step back and stop overwhelming yourself because that obligation is there to respond.

We as people have to stop putting so much pressure on each other to be on our phones. I’ll tell you all the same thing I tell everyone else!

My brain is like a squirrel …. I see something and boom I realize I gotta do something else. I don’t intentionally not respond to anyone but my life is sooooooo busy between me and the kids I struggle to keep up with society.

If you need me YOU CALL ME , I will always awnser or respond as quickly as I can. If you text me and get left on read, it’s not intentional but life happens. Heck I leave my own cold on read somedays hahaha it’s just how it goes.

Stop staying the small stuff and you’ll start living the big stuff even more. If people can’t understandthem maybe they aren’t meant for your life. I don’t and won’t be attached to my phone all the time anymore. Life’s too short to put the humans in your life on hold for the humans on your phone!

Signing off

Lacey Sue💛

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