When you expect nothing and get everything in return!๐Ÿ’›

You ask me what I see in you

thats simple, you see

I see your heart reaching out

being a close as it can be

you take the extra step

each and every day

to make me feel special

in the perfect kind of way

your aren’t afraid to tell me

what it is you need

you always check in on me

making sure my days

Are the best that it can be

you go the extra mile

to double check on my soul

you constantly make me laugh

Is completely uncontrolled

I love it when you kiss me

it’s like the whole world just comes caving in

you make my heart pound

when I didn’t want to let anyone in

you talk to me like a human

you treat me like a queen

your simple and I love that

I love everything I’ve seen

I don’t need you to be perfect

I really don’t need a thing

just you to continue caring

the way you do each and every day

You’ve touch my heart in ways

I’m sure you never knew

it’s in those simple moments

I know exactly what to do

I just sit here and watch

the amazing things you do

interesting enough, this you will see

if you keep your heart open

Thats the only thing I need

you want to know what I see

I see a kind, loving man

constantly looking at me

without Judgment without fear

without holding back

I see someone who sees me

and all that i have

you push me to want to be better

you help me to hold on

when I don’t want to deal with it all

you push me to continue, not to fall

you have no issues jumping in

and doing what you do best

hold my heart, and carry the rest

maybe just maybe

those are the things I can’t resist

maybe it’s your soul

thats just as lost as mine

maybe it’s your smile

that I tend to find

everytime you look at me

I see it in your eyes

I think we have a good shot

even if it’s going to take time

the distance will be the hardest

The days are going to seem like years

even though it’s only a week

until you’ll be near

Tomorrow you will leave me

but no worries my dear

For Friday will be here quickly

and I’ll be right here!

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