Why blog? Better yet Why Not!

You know, im reality i haven’t even hit the importance of my blog yet! I’m slowly building up to it, as I’m ready to release! The major pieces haven’t even come to light yet completely! In time they will! In my time they will!

Someone asked me, why are you doing a blog? Ya know in reality I’ve stated for years…. “one of these days I’m going to write a best selling book about my life, and it’s going to be the light for someone else!” There’s so much more to me than meets the eye! Most of the people reading this will encounter things that I’m sure will make them uncomfortable, sad, some happy .. who knows! None of this is a purpose in being acknowledged or sympathy. This is purely so that maybe, just maybe…. someone won’t feel alone! Personally I achieved my initial goal with just one of my blogs and that’s when I realized I don’t want to help just one human. I want to help every single human I can along the way through my experiences! Why not take some bad things and make them a thing that teaches someone else how to survive, how to process, how to love, how to have compassion! Through my past I’ve learned with each and every step that you have to find the good in everything! Reach in and find the silver lining. Life can suck, bad things happen to Good people. Good people can do bad things and they don’t have to be reminded of it for the rest of their lives! Everyone lives differently, everyone grieves differently, everyone heals differently. My healing is writing! My healing is finding the missing puzzle pieces and making it all fit so I can understand why… why did I go through this? What did I do to deserve this? How did I over come this? I need all the pieces to fit so that I can understand and move on! Everything that’s posted in this blog is something that I’ve already pushed through!

My friends have always said ” if you want to know something, go to Lacey, if she doesn’t know she will find out” I’ve been a investigator my entire life! I’ve always needed the who, what, eden, where and why” I’ve always been that person who someone will say what can you find out for me and I dig in and go do the research! The only difference is…. now I’m doing the research on my self and on my past and bringing little bits and pieces back to life and to the surface of reality! Now I own my demons and skeletons and I hold no fear how anyone takes that! I can only hold myself accountable, I can only handle how I feel and what I am doing! How everyone else feels I can not determine just accept!

Signing off

LaceySue 💛

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