So Extremely Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll! ITS TURKEY DAY! This year, oh goodness this year has been one for the books! Ya know I’ve claimed the last 2 years as my years…. haha 2020 was the RONA and then I broke my back… then let’s be honest this year was pretty decent haha until fall and it’s been crazy since…. but I’m all honesty even with the craziness I say and realized HOW TRULY BLESSED me and my babies are!

when the kids got covid the beginning of September I was terrified for them especially lil bit but God was good and it was all mild to nothing

We finally got out of quarantine just in time to celebrate Victoria’s birthday in shopping fashion with her favorite friends Bonnie and Will them 4 days later another call came in Wesley had been hurt and the ambulance was picking him up. My heart stopped that day in a way it never had before for him! Wesleys always been healthy other than a few broken bones as a little kid. I rushed to meet him at the school and then to beat them to the hospital. Originally we thought his arm had just been lacerated, but turned out 5 days later we were taken back into an emergency surgery his Ulmer nerve had been severed…. he was broken 💔 his football career was done, his basketball season that he worked so hard for was not looking good! I honestly didn’t know how to even encourage him because the odds were against him. 18 to 24 month recovery, so we just took it with stride! But let me tell you this….. you take that horrible situation and man I couldn’t help but feel blessed! My friends and family jumped in quickly to help with whatever they could and we survived it and just had to wait out of his arm was going to recover fully or not!

them you throw that down, life slowed down for about 2 weeks then little bit, oh my ❤, came down. The sleeping was getting out of hand again and Momma’s nerves were unsteady, so I called for blood work to find out that unfortunately Victoria’s body decided to work against her and we needed a transfusion. My heart broke to a whole new level that day! She was gone on in a vacation and I couldn’t get to her, thankfully my circle came together again to help keep me sane. Then the next day I was simply doing laundry and the next thing I knew I was in praying position on my floor with a piece of my wardrobe closet in my leg! Thankfully Alexa got the brown family quickly to my house, and between them and the rest of my tribe off, the ambulance got me to the hospital safe and sound. Again my tribe kicked in to sit with me and take me home. My family/friends quickly jumped in witheverything that day and that evening I was very well taken care of as well 💛! That next week we started at st judes with Victoria’s doctors, gained a few new ones, and started working on a plan. She got her transfusion and thank the lord her numbers haven’t dropped since.

fast forward about 2 weeks and we met with Victoria new oncologist/hemotoligist at carle and got things rolling…. blessed its so much closer and to have so many doctors working to make sure we don’t drop again!

then came basketball season, I tremendously had no idea what was to come…. Wes worked his tail off in physical therapy and doing his exercises and low and behold the surgeon released him to play. He didn’t get to really practice with the boys at all, but he got to actually play. I was nervous but had to sit back and realize I just needed to have faith and let him do what he loves so much! By the grace of God and the amazing surgeon that worked on him. My heart was filled watching him play the one sport he loves more than everything else!

then you throw a week later into the mix and I went to the emergency room to end up admitted for 5 days…. 5 days away from my babies…. 5 days of ivy Antibiotics, pain meds, and wound dressings. 5 days of realizing who really cares and seeing the unpouring love showed to me and my children in a desperate time of need! I’ll never be able to repay the people that stepped in to take care of my children when I couldn’t. I’ll forever be grateful for the kind hearts that jumped in while I was in the hospital and once I came home! That stay in the hospital and once I came home really opened my eyes!

better yet it opened my heart! Sir we went through a 3 month crisis of never ending serious events but there were so many blessings along the way! So many things to be thankful for! The silver linings were and still are amazing and made me realize how truly blessed my heart is!

ya see, I use to think ” What else, what could go wrong” I was constantly a downer and I’ve learned that if i just take the bad and find the good, it really makes it worth so much more. Sure I could be all upset and angry because let’s be honest haha my luck is not good but look how blessed I am to have so many individuals willing to jump in and keep me sane!

I challenge everyone, not just for the holidays but for everyday…. find that silver lining, reach and keep pushing… im reality is a lot of bad happened but when you look at the big picture…. any 3 of my little family could easily not be here, could be in a hospital, and instead we are all okay and mending and the world is still rolling! I’ve told the kids for a long time when they say “why us” because we were built for this. They come from strength, and someday they will realize they can choose to be toxic and evil or they can choose to forgive, forget, and love with all their hearts! We 3 will always see the silver lining and we will hope you do too!

from me and mine, to you and yours may your THANKSGIVING be as magical as possible!

love always, Lacey Sue 💛

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