a whole new outlook on Christmas

hey ya’ll, im back! It’s been a hot minute i know but my life well it was the normal shit show, added with a few unexpected curveballs now thankfully we should be on a decent road of recovery now!

so i haven’t really blogged much since it’s been insanely crazy but I thought I’d finally get a good one in to maybe explain a few things everyone’s questioning! Obviously I’m alive and finally home now.

So the wound got reinfected and we were working on antibiotics to help it… the problem was they weren’t! The Tuesday before Christmas I walked into the wound clinic for my normal debreed… unfortunately the doctor went to take off my bandage to realize there were 2 wounds the infection was spreading. The fastest they could get me into mri was the following Tuesday so we just tried to hold out. The pain became to much and I was getting weaker and on Wednesday night I had to go to the emergency room.. there were no beds at all… that place was insane.I returned thrusday morning from that trip and the wound clinic called in bigger harder antibiotics and had me watching for possible sepsis but allowed me to stay home due to Chrismas with the agreement I’d rest and come in if needed!

my heart was broken…. Christmas is my favorite holiday and my kids…. there was no way I couldn’t be with them so I prayed like I never prayed before that I’d make it through Christmas with my babies! The kids and I talked and we were prepared if I had to go in… we could video chat their presents but deep down none of us were okay with this idea.. .

Thrusday I spent the day in bed, I was cold and slept…. Christmas Eve came and the kids and I ran to go to Walmart for last minute stuff and that less than an hour trip knocked the wind out of me. We went and did a couple Christmas eve with family and off to bed we went. Bless wesleys heart, he had to we me up to play Santa because this momma was done.

thankfully the next day we all slept till around 9, lil bit came running into my bed SANTA CAME! That was music too my ears, I had made it they’d the worst… the low Temps running between 96.1 to 96.7 the getting sick everything was good. We celebrated Christmas with my dad coming down to watch the kids open their gifts. Then we had family dinner, and naps…. I had went to change my wound to find out that 2 became 3 πŸ€” I really wanted to wait out till Tuesday for mri and wound doctor but unfortunately that wasn’t coming. So later that afternoon 26th I took off for the hospital… due to the multiple wounds we had gotten infectious disease involved. The wound had come back with pure vengenance and the bactrim pills weren’t touching it. Back on the morphine every 2, Norco every 4, Ativan every 6, back on the vancomyicin antibiotic ivys.

they started running all these test…. the bad thing was there was no rooms… <that’s actually what saved me from not being admitted pre Chrismas lol> so they put like 5/6 of us in this room with curtains and altho it wasn’t ideal… let me tell you this…. the nurse, the techs, the cnas, those people go without so much recognition… bless their hearts they were running crazy, still smiling, still kind, and frankly I wouldn’t have survived this visit without them! Finally a couple days passed and a i got into a room last night. In the meanwhile a 4th wound had started!

4 of these stupid things so we had to do a skin and tissue biopsy <NOT FUN even after 4mg of morphine, a oxy and Ativan> and finally I crashed! But the biopsies made my big wound look like an owl πŸ˜„πŸ€£ πŸ¦‰

this morning I woke up and my white cells and vanco numbers were good enough I got to get released. I finally got home, got my babies and got showered! Kids I’m seriously so thankful for my tribe…. these people offered to take my kids multiple times whatever they could do to help. I’m so very blessed with the village I have and my children have!

now we wait a course of a few days to get all the biopsies back to see if we can figure out why they are multiplying and how to proper treat it! Obviously if any signs come back of infection back to the hospital I go but until then I’m released to live my best life right here with babies and back at work!

First of all God definitely had his hand in this… so incredibly greatful because at the way my temp was dropping I could have had to go in at anytime…. also so greatful for my wonderful clients who have been super understanding and dollar general who has been amazing as well! Thanks to everyone and I hope your Christmas was a incredible as mine was just by being home with my kids πŸ’›

Until later,

LaceySue πŸ’›

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