As the wound tries to Win!

Well I’m offically home from this week’s round of being hospitalized! Tuesday I showed up at the wound clinic as normal but i knew what was coming! They literally walked me down to the emergency room because the infection had taken a nasty turn again! This leg ya’ll…. its trying its hardest to break me! The emergency roomlead to being admitted and moved up to the 4th level of hospitalized care! I was leveled on pain meds and po antibiotics. Over 3 days and 2 nights I blew quite a few ivys as normal and the pain was harder to deal with this round. There was a debate on my care on whether or not I should get a picc line and at home ivy Antibiotics or if I should try another round of oral antibiotics and pain meds at home! Well the result of that was were trying to up the dosage of oral meds and see if that works I guess! Soo I got to come home last night on 4000mg of keflex a day and pain meds every 4 hrs as needed! I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t terrify me at this point! My cultures are still growing, my protein in my body is low, and at this point we’re expected to be back in the hospital in a matter of time if these meds don’t do the trick!

I’ve never in my entire life wanted to be “Normal” as much as I do right now! I’ve never been as nervous about Anthing as I am my leg that’s 15 weeks old as of today! In 15 weeks there’s been 7er visits, 3 hospitalized stays, 2 possible rate auto immune, 1 flesh eating virus and frankly we aren’t anywhere closer than where we were in the beginning! I have had some terrific doctors and some that aren’t so fabulous! 98% of my nurses have been amazing! The wound team on the 3rd floor is fabulous and the wound team for the hospital is equally amazing! We do have some possible answers on why it’s not healing from the biopsies but we’re still waiting on test and results to some of the above! Unfortunately right now it’s a guessing game on how to control this! I appreciate all the calls, texts, facebook prayers, and regular prayers!

for now I’m going to be greatful to be home with my kids and ankle to go back to work as tolerated and see what’s to come at next Tuesdays appointment!

until then 💛

lacey sue

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