FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK myself included

I love love love this meme! It hits hard and home for me as I do this blog! It hits home because I’m reliving things I’ve had hidden in my subconscious for decades but it hits hard because this can be aimed towards me! I was not always a good person. I’ve made lots of mistakes. I’ve had to own some of the hardest things ever because it was the right thing to do! Lord knows I’m far from perfect! And for a long time, I was really far away from believing there was a better life out there but that’s also because I didn’t love myself at all!

it hits home because some of the stories on here and that are waiting to upload I don’t use names. I protect them… not because I want to but because I’m not that bitter person I use to be. I choose me by writing the story, sharing my truth and letting it go. In reality thought, if you’re afraid that your names gonna be on it or on it then BE KIND don’t be a dick and you won’t have to worry about it! I’m not sugar coating my story to save anyone’s reputation including myself. The lights got dimmer for years and now… now it’s time to keep shining bright! It’s time to let it all loose and be 💯 percent with myself!

until then, Lacey Sue 💛

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