This is all SO IMPORTANT!

Hey ya’ll, How’s everyone living the rain? Personally it’s one of my favorite things! Brings a sense of calmness to my soul! One of my friends has been sending me daily positive reinforcements and this one really stuck with me! Let’s dig into it!

  • Make peace with your Past!
    • The whole point to this blog was to release and own my story! The pretty, the ugly, the sad, the happy but most importantly THE GROWTH!
    • The Past affects us all so differently, some people can forget things never happened, some people hold grudges, some people just want to move Past, and some people are meant to dive right into and fix, whatever it was in their lives that made this event so significant! I’m definitely a fixer. 💯 I am constantly looking for the missing puzzle pieces! Why did this happen? What caused this? How can I learn from it so I don’t make the same mistake twice, but then I also use to be that girl that blamed myself for everything that happened to and around me! I use to constantly self sabotage Me! Until one day I started opening up and talking and getting all the thoughts and feelings out of my head and heart and realized I’m not responsible for ANYONE’S happiness other than mine and my children’s! I also learned that I don’t want to live in the past, that’s NOT who I am anymore! It’s one thing to look at the past and find a way to learn from it but it’s another to allow it to consume your life and cause so much damage because you are too comfortable or scared to branch beyond the what was into the What’s to come! So baby steps later I’m finally at piece where I hold no grudges! I’m learning to let it all go and move forward. I’ve found myself apologizing and trying to fix what damage I’ve done over the years and then I move forward and let me tell you… this new and improved me, im really starting to like her!
  • What other people Think of me, is none of my business!
    • I use to care so much about what everyone thought! I use to feel the need to be in some high and mighty standard. I just wanted to fit in. I cared more about my reputation then I did about who I was or what damage I was causing to myself or others! I selfishly felt like I had to rise up and prove something to the world. It reality, I was so insecure that it ate me alive. I put myself through hell for what a few parts on the back. I lost the caring part of me for a long time because I was too worried about what others thought, rather than if I was doing things for the right reasons! No matter what you do in life, you will always have someone that doesn’t like you, doesn’t respect you, talks bad about you but the moment you stop caring about those simple minded humans LET ME TELL YOU…. life changes! It changes so much, you start appreciating the little things in life instead of constantly trying to appease everyone around you. People are going to talk, and if they want to talk about me go for it, that means they are leaving someone else alone.
  • Time heals almost everything, give it time
    • Ya’ll know patience is not MY FAVORITE VIRTUE! It wasn’t until the last 6 months of my life that I truly stared learning what patience can do for someone. Normally I’m quick to replace humans with other humans. Normally I bounce back hard and fast. Something about this last 6 months was different, it hit me different. My luck was not for the weak, and let me tell you I was weak a could be in the beginning of this trial! In a matter of 1 month my entire world changed…. I lost the one person I truly cared more about than ever before. My kids both ended up sick/ hurt. Then this leg of mine 🤣🤣🤣 flesh eating and all…. it was HARD! IT SUCKED! I don’t know how many times I heard “I’m not sure how you even smile anymore” I’d just respond with… im just rolling through this life the best that I can! It wasn’t until my first hospital admittance that I realized I wasn’t processing Anything. I wasn’t learning Anything. I wasn’t allowing myself to feel anything and all I wanted was to fight to have control back over my life! After realizing that some little Itty bitty wound could cause so much havoc it really started playing into my head. If this is how I’m going to go out, am I doing it the way I want. From that point on I started taking control and learning to grow with the patience and that’s eden my heart and head started really healing! That’s when I started pushing to really fix me. Put the effort into me, because I DESERVED IT!
  • Don’t compare any Don’t judge! You don’t know their story!
    • This is such a CRUCIAL life lesson! It is so easy to judge others because we think we know everything about life. Pal’s that’s not the case! Everyone’s story is different, we are not the same! What some people struggle with behind closed doors, some of you may never know! It’s easy to look at someone and think oh they have the perfect life, but in reality have you ever taken the time to just learn their stories! I’m just a guilty, I want to believe the entire world has the same ❤️ I have, and let me tell you this… thats not the case! Not everyone’s the same! Some people struggle every day to just smile and you may never know! Just be kind, be human, be better! Push to stop judging and start learning!
  • It’s okay to not know the Answers- you’ll find it in time
    • Ohhhhhh if you know me, I Struggle so much with this… i Use to need the missing puzzle pieces… I needed to know why this happened, what caused it, how, and all that…. October taught me a lot of lessons in life but this one was the hardest! I had to learn to move on without the answers, I had to learn to love myself enough to know deep down I didn’t do Anything. Learning the answer’s is great but it’s okay to also keep moving forward, when you are meant to know …. you will!
    • I’ve been trying to figure out the Why to my life for 23 years….. why this, why that and right now I’ve realized that maybe my WHY’S are so that maybe just maybe I can help someone else learn to live their story unapologetically as I am now!
  • You are in charge of your happiness!
    • This right here ya’ll! This is major! I’ve lived my life being happy by making others happy and not caring what damage I cause to myself in the process! When I stopped living for everyone else and started living for myself not only did I improve my life, but the life of those around me! I can honestly say in the last 6 months I’ve never loved myself so much! I’ve never cared what I wanted until now. Now that I know what I want, I don’t want to settle and I’ve settled for years…. it took major setbacks, it took hard ugly choices but dammit I’m worth it and so are you!!!!! Please if nothing else, love yourself so much that no one can break your soul! You are Always Enough to those who matter!
  • Smile- you don’t have to own the world’s problems
    • Learning to focus on yourself and fixing yourself is a way to help fix the world. You can’t fix humans, you can make choices for everyone. You can only hold your self accountable! Smile because it’s good for the soul, but also smile because it’s good for the world! You never know how much a simple smile or a kind world can affect everyone you meet. You don’t know there battles, maybe that girl is holding on my a tread and you simply helped her keep it together by simply showing compassion! THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE KINDNESS, LESS JUDGEMENTS AND LOTS OF LOVE! Be the outcast THAT STEPS OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND TELL SOMEONE SOMETHING NICE! It takes nothing to just be kind… do it for you and the world… we all need it

alright I’ve rambled enough for today…. just love yourself and if you can’t reach out and let someone else love you until you can!

until later,

💛 LaceySue

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