The šŸ’Ŗ Strength in NSV <NonScaleVictories>

Okay okay, let’s be honest! I am by far one of the most stubborn humans there is <I mean I get it honest, have you met my gene pool> when I want something, I generally fight tooth and nail to get it. I have no problem pushing for what I want. The scale has been my enemy for YEARS and when this process started 7 weeks ago… all I cared about was the number on the scale…. it needed to move down! I didn’t care about anything else other than the scale… the first few weeks the weight rolled off… 6 pds, 7 pds, 5 pds, and so forth. Then last week i gained that 1.4 pounds and was crushed.. I was so hard on myself.. I was so mad…. but what I didn’t do was….. Stop and give myself grace, stop and process all the NSV that I was accomplishing. My Trainor and friends all tried to make me feel better but in reality I just felt like everyone was trying the pity thing because my mother passed away.

If you know me, you know the last thing I want from anyone is pity. If you know me, you know that I can’t stand to disappoint anyone including myself! If someone puts time and effort into me, I push to the extreme to accomplish all goals laid in front of me…. gaining that 1.4 pounds took me down a notch, I felt disappointed in myself, in the process, and just in life…. I was putting in 6-7 workouts a week and gained 1.4 pounds… WHO DOES THAT…. then I had to take an extra “Rest” instead of doing my second workout and let me tell you… I was not happy about that! But honestly that rest… made me realize a lot of things. My body was tired, I was mentally physically and emotionally tapped… one of my favorite humans reached out when she knew I couldn’t go “workout” and we spent the afternoon getting pedicures and just relaxing.. I needed that more than I needed the gym… I wasn’t nourishing my body, I wasn’t taking care of me, I was rolling through the motions because I didn’t want to feel anything! The gym has become an outlet for me to escape to. It’s where I can apply all my frustration and feelings to my workouts. It’s one of my favorite places, because regardless whose in the gym… its a Community. Everyone is kind, everyone is helpful, and everyone pushes each other… its a home away from home kinda experience!

So let’s talk about NSV! So many people INCLUDING ME put so much effort in to the scale…. they forget the rest… let me tell you… in 7 weeks it’s amazing what I can do that I once couldn’t. The Non Scale Victories are just as, if not more, important than those scale Victories

NSV #1 I’ve lost over 30 inches combined off my body in 7 weeks …

NSV #2 Ya’ll I Ran! Like not a lot šŸ¤£ but I Ran…. yesterday I was complaining because I didn’t even feel like I could do my Cardio <just walking> anymore and today I hit that treadmill and I pushed the numbers an ran a couple different times …. I kept it on my incline. . I pushed myself and had some wonderful friends rooting me along the way! It was exhilarating because I can’t tell you the last time I really even tried

NSV #3 I CAN MOVE…. I can move my body so much better! I’m doing 300 plus crunches in a workout without dying haha or complaining šŸ˜… I can do sit ups, I can do more machines now than I could in the beginning. I can do squats again. There’s just so much more function to my body and I’m so much healthier. My energy level is up most days, without energy drinks, without coffee, without Mt. Dew….

NSV #4 Mentally I’m in such a better head space, im learning to be kinder to myself, im learning how to listen to my body, listen to what I need to be able to be the best I can be

NSV #5 weights….. I can lift more now than I ever could…. what started as 2 weight trainings a week… quickly turned into 6-7…. my body hurts some days, but that’s just my body getting stronger! It’s hard. . I won’t lie, if you asked my Trainor what I was like the first 2 weeks šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ I was terrified of weights, I dreaded upping my weights. I still whine occasionally bahaha…. there are definitely machines I like over other ones… but I’ve learned that even those ones, I dislike become something I like once I can achieve my goals on them.

NSV #6 I have an entire Community of support that constantly pushes me! When I say these guys are amazing… thats an understatement…. they aren’t just people at the gym, they become friends and family. We Root each other on, we laugh, We Do the Work, We hold accountability, We keep it Real.

Weight wise there is still Victories in the scale…. its just not the only thing that matters and that was hard for me to accept! In 7 weeks I’m still down over 27 pounds… im still trucking along but the reality is… im working out hard, im building muscle and I’ve never done that and I’m slowly trimming down the Right and healthy way! A lthough i REALLY WANT to hit my goal weight .. for the first time.. im realizing I have to look at the bigger picture! I have to look at the things that have helped me to grow, to change, to better myself not just physically but in every other aspect as well! Celebrate those NSV, love yourself enough to keep pushing and Do the Work!

Until next time, LaceySue šŸ’›

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