His Love Will Prevail

In this next chapter my child. Oh the growth that you will see. The “You” that once existed. Was just a mere reality

The person you are becoming Is who you were meant to be This is all part of His Plan. You just have to Let it Be

The chapters of your life May not be rays of sunshine and gold But the truth that sits inside of you Is quite the testimony that you hold

The fight inside your soul  The will power you hold within Is about to tell a story. Of Where Hope wins again

Your story was created. Because you were strong enough to hold on Now it’s time to lean On His One and Only Son

The roads about about to get bumpy. The storm has started to Sail It’s in the midst of all the chaos His magnificent Love will prevail

The days are going to get harder Your tiresome will feel weak But it’s then and there. You will find yourself falling on your knees

In those desperate times When It is so hard to see Why this is happening Know it’s for His Victory

He is using you as a tool You are there to prove there’s Hope. He’s holding you the entire time. You won’t ever be alone

Although I know it’s scary It seems impossible at best . You are living this story To show His very best

So now is the time to Trust in Him. Through out this very storm So others may be able to see the light That His miracles are still performed

He doesn’t promise it to be easy That is not the war, he’s aiming for He simply wants us to hold rely on him So that he can bare us through the storm

When he took the nails on the cross It was for You and me. Now we live to tell his story. Of how He saved us for all eternity

💛 LaceySue

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