Eyes wide open, Faith in my heart, learning to love myself is just the start

Ughhhhh I’ve tried to write so many times over the last couple months! So much has happened! So much had changed! I’ve struggled to find the words. I’ve caught myself in feeling completely numb to the world including myself! March of 2022 changed me…. I don’t just mean by a little…. it freaking destroyed myContinue reading “Eyes wide open, Faith in my heart, learning to love myself is just the start”

Pick those who Fight FOR YOU ALWAYS!

This is a lesson I’ve been really digging into! Ya know, I’ve got this big ole ❤️ and I just GIVE IT AWAY FREELY! I am horrible at holding anyone accountable on the levels of what they give…. I just try to make up the difference and love ppl unapologetically! For the first time, inContinue reading “Pick those who Fight FOR YOU ALWAYS!”

FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK myself included

I love love love this meme! It hits hard and home for me as I do this blog! It hits home because I’m reliving things I’ve had hidden in my subconscious for decades but it hits hard because this can be aimed towards me! I was not always a good person. I’ve made lots ofContinue reading “FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK myself included”

The Sailor- Those lessons though

The Sailor Let’s start with this…. although this current situation was a BIG LESSON, it could have easily been the end of me. It could have went so many ways… but thankfully I’ve been working so hard at loving myself that I didn’t let this…. define me! It defines him! SO MANY of you haveContinue reading “The Sailor- Those lessons though”

STEP up and out of that comfort zone

THIS HITS HOME! THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES! THIS IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST WEAKNESSES! it’s so easy to be scared of new! Scared of what you don’t feel you deserve! So many people stay in bad relationships or run back to them at the first opportunity because it’s a comfortable place, a safe space… BUT YA’LLContinue reading “STEP up and out of that comfort zone”

The Shameful Side to alcoholism- My Senior Year

let’s talk about alcohol! Alcohol has played a part in my life since I was 13! When I was 13 we were just being “cool” throwing that old blue Malibu in our lemon line Gatorade 🤣! Off and on for years my friends and I would dabble with whatever we could find! It was allContinue reading “The Shameful Side to alcoholism- My Senior Year”

It’s amazing how something so small…. can really put Everthing into perspective!

17 weeks…. 17 long weeks with some answers finally dwindling down! 17 weeks ago Saturday… I was simply doing what I loved the most, I was cleaning my house and preparing for a evening with what was once my favorite human! The month before hand had been insane…. kids covid, then wes hurt, then emergencyContinue reading “It’s amazing how something so small…. can really put Everthing into perspective!”