Give the Glory to God and let him do his work

I’ve been super quiet I know, but there’s good reason for that! With my quietness, I’ve been processing, researching, overcoming, learning and focusing where my attention needed to be! I actually took time away from the world in general.. my phone included! Ask my besties they will tell you I haven’t really been talking toContinue reading “Give the Glory to God and let him do his work”

a whole new outlook on Christmas

hey ya’ll, im back! It’s been a hot minute i know but my life well it was the normal shit show, added with a few unexpected curveballs now thankfully we should be on a decent road of recovery now! so i haven’t really blogged much since it’s been insanely crazy but I thought I’d finallyContinue reading “a whole new outlook on Christmas”

Losing the World is worth Finding Myself!

This…. this speaks VOLUMES! You know, I use to be that human who needed others! I needed to be surrounded by all the people. I needed to be loved by so many. For years actually I’ve allowed so many humans to walk over me! I’ve allowed so many things to be destroyed so I couldContinue reading “Losing the World is worth Finding Myself!”

When they all come out of the wood work!

THIS topic entertains me to much! So let’s talk about ” Backtracking” the ones who got away! Every person I have ever dated, been with I have always prioritized high above myself! In fact, I normally set that bar so high that they struggle to find another person that will do the stuff I didContinue reading “When they all come out of the wood work!”

The Slow Down Will Get You Everytime <back to 7th grade>

And it begins! Desperately for months, let’s be honest we will say years! I’ve been the girl who goes goes goes…. the multitasker, the over achiever, the gotta keep going don’t have time to stop because I’m raising 2 babies and getting my life together! I’ve been going to therapy since right around may 11thContinue reading “The Slow Down Will Get You Everytime <back to 7th grade>”

When you expect nothing and get everything in return!💛

You ask me what I see in you thats simple, you see I see your heart reaching out being a close as it can be you take the extra step each and every day to make me feel special in the perfect kind of way your aren’t afraid to tell me what it is youContinue reading “When you expect nothing and get everything in return!💛”

76 unread text messages 🤣 the struggle is real

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA this week but I’ve been swamped and enjoying something new and exciting and spending time with loved ones when normally I’d be blogging! Ya’ll moms and dads can relate to this I’m sure! How do you all stay balanced, where does it stop? Legit between running a full-time business,Continue reading “76 unread text messages 🤣 the struggle is real”